My original purpose of this blog was to keep track of all of my "Things To Do" before my life expires. You know... stuff to do before you kick the bucket. Well people - here's my Bucket List or shall I say "Tabo" List. You only live once, so don't think twice. In addition to my "Tabo" List, you'll find me sharing how it's like to live the life of the wonderful share-bare. Happy Reading! ENJOY!

(inspired by the 2007 movie, The Bucket List )

1.) Pet a Tiger Cub
2.) Hold and Wrap a Snake Around Me
3.) Raise Money for a Good Cause

4.) Run a Half Marathon
5.) Run a Full Marathon

6.) Attend an Oprah Winfrey Show

7.) Meet Drew Barrymore in Person

8.) Go Dog Sledding in the Colorado Mountains
9.) Get Rock Hard Abs

10.) Write My Own Book and/or Sitcom

11.) Be in a Professional Photo Shoot
12.) Compete in a Bus Surfing Contest
13.) Step Inside of Grand Central Station in New York
14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot
15.) Adopt a dog named him Chaw-Lee <--I mean, Bam

16.) Learn to Swim so I Can be a Surfer Chick

17.) Enjoy a Special Brownie

18.) Hale Down a Yellow Cab
19.) Lie in a Hammock with Someone Special
20.) Apply for a Library Card
21.) Get a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
22.) Get Kissed by a Hottie on New Year's (Strike of Midnight)

23.) Learn to be a Voice Over Artist
24.) Attend a Superbowl Game
25.) Sing the Song 'Killing Me Softly' at a Karaoke Bar
26.) Go Skinny Dipping

27.) Be on T.V.

28.) Go White Water Rafting in the American River
29.) Run up the "Rocky Steps" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
30.) Marry Mr. Right

31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke
32.) Go Stand Up Paddle Surfing (or Hoe he'e nalu) somewhere tropical

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I'm Doing Just Fine"

Not to worry, fellow blog readers. After yesterday's episode, I'm recovering just fine. My entire body was aching last night but it's gone away for now. I'm indeed in a good mood now after my co-workers approached me this morning and noticed I lost ALOT of weight. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm giddy. I haven't weighed myself since last week. I'm actually going to wait until 3/1 which is my 3 month mark. Can't wait!! I'm very anxious to find out if I finally lost all that baby weight AFTER 9 YEARS! Yes, 9 years worth of fad diets and yo-yo weight flunctuations. It's quite disapointing but hey - Better Late Than Never! NO more short cuts for me and NO more starvation periods for me...I'm doing this whole diet thing right this time - WITH CONSISTENT EXERCISE and HEALTHY EATING PLANS!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Phase I SUCKS!

Did you know during Phase I of the South Beach Diet all carbs, fruits, and sugars are eliminated for TWO WEEKS?! 14 DAYS?! I thought it'd be easy since I've done the G.I. Diet which is pretty similar. OMG!! I'm only on Day 3 of Phase I and already experiencing moodiness. I'm like extremely moody - If I don't eat when I want to I feel like my insides are eating me up. It's horrific! Today, I'm working OT at work and I'm already dealing with a migraine. I swear, I'm going through carb and sugar withdrawal. Like - SERIOUSLY! Is this how rehab is like? My muscles are aching and I'm really really sleepy. I already had my tall cup of Starbucks coffee. I seriously don't think I can make it to my first day of my 2nd Bootcamp session tonight. I've taken a couple aspirins hoping for my migraine to go away. I hope I don't break out in hives. (FYI - I'm allergice to Naproxen and Ibuprofen). For those reading this - PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! Please help me through this ever so difficult 14 days. Please pray that I have enough drive, willpower, energy, motivation and strength to overcome the first phase of the painful diet. Please pray that I don't take my moodiness and anger out on you. If I do, I do apologize in advance.

Friday, February 15, 2008


K, I'm supposedly still at a plateau. WTF?! I swear I want to beat someone up. So I'm taking this diet thing to the next level. I have exactly 21 days left to lose 10 more lbs so I'm going to start the South Beach Diet 2-week Quickstart Plan. LOL!

I was buying my lunch at Safeway a couple days ago and as usual, I start browsing the magazine stand at the check-out counter. A bright blue pamphlet caught my attention and said to me...'Buy me! Buy me!' So I did!

I'll start tomorrow since I have to go the grocery store and buy a whole crap of boring food w/no sugar or carbs. Sucks!! This is my last resort! THIS BETTER WORK!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

STRIPPER Shoes!?! You're Killing Me!

Still trippin' off the fact that MV photography wants me to wear extra HIGH heels. WHAAAT! OMG! LOL. I called Tal B. a couple days ago. I told her that I was gonna go shoe shopping for the shoot and asked her what outfits she has lined up for me so I can try to find 'cute' shoes for the shoot. All I can's anything but 'cute'! She texts me:
Hot Stuff only, therefore high heels (very high!). Black, gold, flat shoes!! LOL

(UPDATE: I ended up getting some very BCBGirl 'Mori' Peep Toe Mary Janes - very classy!!!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

25 more DAYS!

Now seriously, my nerves are like hella hella kickin' in now. Like HELL TO THE AAAAAAAH! I just got off the phone with Tal B. I called because I wanted to ask her if it was cool just to bring my own wardrobe so I don't have to worry about anything not fitting me when I get there. DUDE - I still have to lose 10 more pounds. She told me not to trip. Maybe I'm trippin' because I got my period today. Ugh! So, I guess I will not buy outfits for myself. I'm going to trust what she has lined up for me. PLEASE FIT, CLOTHES. PLEASE FIT!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nerves Kickin' In...

So, looks like I have 32 days until the big day! I've reached a plateau with my whole diet and fitness routine. I'm kind of sad. =( Hopefully, my body will start kickin' it up a notch these next few days. I need 10 more lbs. to lose. I'm starting to do major ab exercises. My trainer advised to do 12 minutes straight of different exercises every day. I hope it works. It's too bad, I can't program my body to specifically burn the fat off a certain area of my body.