My original purpose of this blog was to keep track of all of my "Things To Do" before my life expires. You know... stuff to do before you kick the bucket. Well people - here's my Bucket List or shall I say "Tabo" List. You only live once, so don't think twice. In addition to my "Tabo" List, you'll find me sharing how it's like to live the life of the wonderful share-bare. Happy Reading! ENJOY!

(inspired by the 2007 movie, The Bucket List )

1.) Pet a Tiger Cub
2.) Hold and Wrap a Snake Around Me
3.) Raise Money for a Good Cause

4.) Run a Half Marathon
5.) Run a Full Marathon

6.) Attend an Oprah Winfrey Show

7.) Meet Drew Barrymore in Person

8.) Go Dog Sledding in the Colorado Mountains
9.) Get Rock Hard Abs

10.) Write My Own Book and/or Sitcom

11.) Be in a Professional Photo Shoot
12.) Compete in a Bus Surfing Contest
13.) Step Inside of Grand Central Station in New York
14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot
15.) Adopt a dog named him Chaw-Lee <--I mean, Bam

16.) Learn to Swim so I Can be a Surfer Chick

17.) Enjoy a Special Brownie

18.) Hale Down a Yellow Cab
19.) Lie in a Hammock with Someone Special
20.) Apply for a Library Card
21.) Get a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
22.) Get Kissed by a Hottie on New Year's (Strike of Midnight)

23.) Learn to be a Voice Over Artist
24.) Attend a Superbowl Game
25.) Sing the Song 'Killing Me Softly' at a Karaoke Bar
26.) Go Skinny Dipping

27.) Be on T.V.

28.) Go White Water Rafting in the American River
29.) Run up the "Rocky Steps" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
30.) Marry Mr. Right

31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke
32.) Go Stand Up Paddle Surfing (or Hoe he'e nalu) somewhere tropical

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soundtrack of My Life

So, here is my life according to my iTunes Play List.  How about you give it a try?  Simply, put on your play list, click the next button, and write down your answers in order. No cheating!

  1. How does the world see me? - Cool (So far so good...)
  2. Will I have a happy life?  - I Don't Want To (WTF?!)
  3. What do my friends really think of me? - It's Like That (Seems about right. LOL!)
  4. Do people secretly lust after me? - And Then What (Why you changing the subject for?)
  5. How can I make myself happy? -Lucky (Win the lottery?)
  6. What should I do with my life? -Fearless (Will do!)
  7. Why should life be full of so much pain? - The Real Thing (I agree)
  8. What song will be played at my wedding reception? - I'll Be Missing You (awe!)
  9. Will I ever have children? -Littlest Things (I take that as a yes considering I already have a kid)
  10. Will I die happy? -True (Good Answer!)
  11. What is some good advice for me? Santeria (You telling me, I should try voodoo?!?)
  12. What is happiness? -My Boo (OK - meaning I need a boyfriend to make me happy?!?)
  13. What is my favorite fetish? -The Rockafeller Skank (that's the "old" share-bare, how about the "new" share-bare!)
  14. How will I be remembered? -Snap Ya Fingers (Is it because I have trouble snapping with my left hand?)
  15. How will the rest of my life go? - I Love You (I like that)
  16. Where am I going in life? - If You Leave (Not literally silly.  I already know I'm not leaving the house today)
  17. What do I like to say about Everything? - I Want You (Dang, I'm so demanding!)
  18. How will my career go? - One of the Boys (hmm...I don't get it.  I guess no promotion, eh?)
  19. Where Will I Be in a Week? - Ghetto Story (East Oakland ghetto?)
  20. Whats the story of my life? - My Love (love is definitely in the air!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


One of my favorite tools I have been using towards my goal of Rock Hard Abs is the Daily Plate application on LIVESTRONG.COM.  It tracks down my calories and fitness activities.  I love it.  Initially, I started doing it back in May 2009.  Being that I get easily distracted, I kind of, uh sort of stopped keeping track.  Maybe because I started eating  junk food galore these past six months.  Bright side of it all (The start of the optimism era) is that I'm back in the habit of doing it.  I started doing it last Monday.  And guess what?  To date, I have lost THREE pounds.  That's in like a week's span.  Ain't that great?  Originally, I was aiming at a target weight loss of 2 pounds per week.   Having lost that extra pound makes me want to push myself even more.  Exercising has been good.  Walking the dog has been good, too.  Next step I have to commit to is seriously changing the way I eat.  During my week of tracking all my food intake via LIVESTRONG.COM, I've noticed that I've consumed far too many grams of sodium and sugar than I should.  Every day, I've been exceeding my daily recommendation allowance.  Eeks.  Gary a.k.a The Fitness Tech (TFT) said that's probably why I have so much fat surrounding my core.  It's just hella lounging there.  That's just wrong.  

Tweety Bird

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a Tweety bird!....  "You silly puddy tat"

Last year, I said I was going to ban this Twitter thing.    Huge fail, but it's OK.  I forgive myself.  I'm a Tweety bird, so what.  It's actually very resourceful.  It keeps me up to date with the world.  I get breaking news updates from CNN (@cnnbrk), as well as NFL sports update from ESPN (@espn) .  It's pretty cool.  Not to mention, the stalking of the celebs.  That, we shall not forget.  Ok, ok. - I don't really consider myself a celeb stalker.  I'm just infatuated with their daily routines, NOT necessarily them.  I guess I just wonder how a baller, unlike myself, lives their life.   Some of the time, they do "normal" things like me!  Wow!  It's all curiosity.  I ain't trying to be one of them.  Consider it as guilty pleasure.  My favorite tweeter is Mr. Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals (@OGOchoCinco ).  Now this dude is a celeb I'm deeply infatuated with.  I'm not going to deny that. Something about him....I'm just so drawn to him. 

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Here it is - My BEFORE picture

....This is the embarrassing moment that I haven't been looking forward to.  I figure it will be beneficial for me to post this as a motivator to get where I want to be.  *covering my eyes*  Don't laugh, please?

My AFTER picture will be posted in 3 months.  In the meantime, I shall chant continuously to myself, "Rock hard abs, ROCK hard abs, ROCK HARD abs, ROCK HARD ABS..."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good-Bye Eagles No. 36

Dear Brian Westbrook,

I'm deeply saddened by the news I heard a couple days ago.  The Philadelphia Eagles let you go?!  Really?! *sigh*  It was a great 8 years.  I witnessed you make history.  Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.   I'm sure you will sign a new deal with a different NFL team soon.  It's a shame you got injured during the 2009 season.  One too many concussions pretty much screwed it for you.  That's probably why Coach Reid let you go.  He's fed up with his team making it to the Playoffs but never reaching far enough for that damn Super Bowl ring.  So many close, yet so far. *sigh*  Don't take it personal.  I'm sure he feels really bad about the decision.  But, in all honesty,  he can't take anymore risks.  2009 was bad.  First (my future baby daddy) Donovan McNabb with his ribs and then you. During your absence, LeSean McCoy showed so much potential as a 1st year rookie.  I can't deny it.  He had a very productive season.  It makes perfect sense to offer him the No. 1 Running Back spot.  He's young and he's healthy.  But if it makes you feel any better, you're so much hotter than him.

Anyway, I will continue to support you no matter what jersey you have on or off.  Personally, I would prefer off. Oh yummo.  I will miss you in green.  You looked good in that color, too!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TFT Workout #2

I was bad.  I haven't worked out really since my 1st session with TFTSHAME ON ME!! 

Today's workout was good.  It was excellent.  It was awesome.  It made me feel so refreshed and re-energized.  Why is that I dread going to workouts, the gym, or running outside?  But, once I push myself and make the effort for my lazy ass to get there, I feel great!  Am I the only one that feels this way?  Like, I don't look forward to it at all.  I'm not pumped.  But once make it from Point A to Point B and it's accomplished I want to do some more!!  I guess I should take advantage of this feeling of greatness.  "Let's not break this cycle, share-bare!  Keep it moving.  Stay motivated.  You can do it." (...Yeah, I'm talking in 3rd person to myself).

Let's see what I remember from today's workout. involved a deck of playing cards.  Pretty creative but yeah, you don't want to know.  I don't want to tell you.  It definitely got my heart rate soaring high in the sky.  Today's workout seems like a big blur.  All I can recall are burpies galactic galore; push-ups up the ying-yang; mountain climbers to Mount Everest; squats that froze my glutes cold, and my favorite reverse lunges to the maximus!  I also did some hammer bicep curls, rows with these cool looking braided resistance bands (I WANT ONE!), hip raises, and more push-ups.  Come to think of it, I felt as if I worked much harder today than last week.  

Tomorrow's plan = cardio.  Perhaps spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness.  Next TFT workout is Saturday!

OK, I'm tired.  Time for bed.  Good Night!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slow Motion

Last night, I was walking my much healthier puppy, Bam by myself.  As we were headed back to my apartment, we were strolling a few hundred feet behind a couple who seem to be so into each other.  They were also walking their dog, as well.  I got to admit that it was undeniably cute to witness them.  They seem so happy.  *sigh*

Immediately, I start pondering about something I've been lacking in my life.  I get home and try to shake it off.  I must find a distraction.  Obviously, watching The Notebook doesn't help but I watch anyways because I love love this movie.  Afterwards, I decided bond with Maddie (a.k.a. my MacBook).  I open up iTunes music library and decide to shuffle up my songs while I blah-g.  What's the first song that plays?  This young and ever-so talented artist, Karina Pasian.  I was so obsessed with her song, Can't Find the Words:

Music Videos

I love her voice.  I logged into the web and wanted to check to see if she had some new songs.  That, she did.  She appeared on YouTube's RAWsession a couple times.  Here's another one of her amazing performances.  It caught my attention because I'm definitely working in slow motion in the relationship department...."It's like everything is in slow motion..." <-- *just had a inside joke flashback*  No complaints, though.  I just don't want to get myself Caught Up like Usher.  I need to get my mind off of it.  I need to keep the pressure off my mind.  Because on the real, there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking my sweet time.  Occasionally, I just wonder how it will be like when I'll be able to walk my dog with someone on the other side of me.  Non-genetically related, of course.  LOL! 

So, yeah she's currently working on her sophomore album.  Karina and Sammie are going to remake the song, Brokenhearted which originally was performed by Brandy and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Mean.  Nice!  I can't wait!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Taking it Back to the Old School...

So, my cousin Lino decides to post a VERY old school pic of him with me and my older sis, Renee on Facebook.  OMG!  LMAO!  I've never seen this picture my whole life until NOW.  I was such a fat kid with rotten ass teeth! Can you see it?  Gross, right?  Thank goodness baby teeth are temporary.  I got a second chance!  Whew!

{share-bare, Lino, Renee}

Not So Good Friday

...not so Good Thursday...not so Good Wednesday...

Let's start with Wednesday:
Bam continues to get diarrhea.  What's wrong with my puppy?!  Not only is he getting upset stomach, he's also refusing to eat his food!  What Lab does that?!  Apparently, my pup at the present time.  Runs, runs, go away.  I called his vet and no help.  Same ol' advice - feed him boiled chicken and rice and come by and drop a fecal sample.  Ugh!  

Other than that, I get a estimate for his neuter AND possible umbilical hernia surgery.  Serious?!  Are you serious?!  The vet emails the estimate.  I nearly hit the floor.  Gosh DAYAM!  Let's just say this surgery is going to cost more than the MacBook I purchased about a month ago.  Boo!  To make matters worse, I find out his pet insurance doesn't cover the possible umbilical hernia he may still have.  It's considered a cogenital disorder and crap.  Oh d-d-dear.... *extra-large sigh*

To make matters, super worse.  I was so caught up on Bam's issues that I forgot about Ash Wednesday.  I totally missed the 7:30pm mass.  Sorry, God!

Next up is Thursday:
I take Bam to the vet in the morning to get him checked out, drop off the freakin' fecal sample (hoping he doesn't have Giardia), and also submit some lab work for his upcoming neuter AND possible umbilical hernia surgery.  I talk to the vet about his eating habits and diarrhea.  Vet says he might be allergic to his dog food.  UGH!  Serious?!  Are you serious?  On top of that, she inspects his chubby belly.  "Yeah, unfortunately he still has the hernia.  I'm still able to push it in and out.  Don't worry, we can fix this when he comes for his neuter."  Inside my head, I'm like whining, "BUT I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR THE EXTRA HERNIA SURGERY!!!" 

During lunch, I go to Togs for Dogs, my favorite mom and pop pet supply store.  The lady working was very helpful.  She says that the expensive ass dog food I've been feeding him, Innova, might be too rich for him which is probably causing his upset stomach and diarrhea.  She tells me to take it down a notch by trying out California Natural.  Less ingredients which is probably better for him.  I go ahead and take her advice and purchase a 10 lb. bag of it.  Runs, runs, go away!  PRETTY PLEASE?

Now, again.  Being so caught up with this Bam situation, I had no choice but to cancel my personal training with Gary.  So sad.  I'm just really stressed out right now.  *Super duper sigh*

It's NOW Friday:

So with all this stuff with Ash Wednesday, Bam being sick, his pet insurance, spending bucko bucks, I totally forgot about giving up or sacrificing something for the Lent season.  Hurry, come up with something, sharebare!  Got it!  With the help of my co-worker, JayJay, we choose rice!  Yup, yup!   Any form of rice:  steam rice, pineapple fried rice, brown rice, risotto, etc.  Total toughness.  But hey Gary!  Aren't you proud of me?!  LOL!

Anyway, Friday has been good to me so far.  I go home for lunch.  Eat a turkey and cheese wrap.  PAUSE!!  Turkey?! Serious?!  Are you serious?!  I totally forgot that it's GOOD Friday! Oh no!  It's only the first week and already I disobeyed.  

Ryree and I go out for dinner to go to our favorite Italian restaurant, Spiedo.  Yummo...We started off with a Mozzarella di Bufula (a.k.a. gourmet cheese made from water buffalo milk) appetizer.  Yummy.  For my main course, I get the Linguine con Vongole (a.k.a. linguine with clams) and Ryree get's her favorite Italian dish, Gnocchi.  The food was delicious!  We get back to my apartment to hang out, or as Renee was saying, "bonding".  I get a tummy ache.  Oh no!  Let's not get into details...but it's bad.  Maybe it was the darn water buffalo cheese.  *I'm so over it sigh*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elephant in the House!

Oops!  I must have mistaken you for an elephant.  It's only you, Mr. Trump-et. My bad.

My son, Eli started music class two weeks ago at his school.  Fortunately, his school district was able to save their 5th Grade Music Program.  UNfortunately, parents like myself have to put up with listening to the evening practices at home.  He chose the trumpet.  He had his first practice today.  He was so stoked to bring it home.  I wasn't.  His homework assignment - practice the e note.  It was so darn cute of him to show off his new brass to me.  He was beaming with happiness and excitement.  He seemed so eager to learn more about the instrument he chose.  All smiles  and all.  What parent wouldn't admire that, right?  I'm so glad he loves it so far.  But seriously.  The noise coming out of that shiny gold instrument is absolutely dreadful!  It really sounds like I'm in the African safari and an elephant was just hunted down and now going through brutal torture.  Oh d-d-dear.  Make it stop!  LOL!

Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Workout with The Fitness Tech (TFT)

You know how I always like to plan ahead of time?  You know how usually 75% of the time, it fails?  Well let's just say preparing for my first personal training session with The Fitness Tech, aka Gary Tanaka fell in that percentile of failure.

So yesterday, I thought it would be cool to do a challenging workout to build up a little stamina for my session with Gary this evening.  I met up with Nate, Rho, Sulie, Susy to kick-off our SF Half Marathon training at a local high school track.  We warmed up with a bunch of jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches.  After the warm-up, we did sort of a combo of running laps and a bit of circuit training.  8 laps total.  Between each lap, we did a variety of exercises such as mountain climbers, burpies, resistant band work, lunges, etc.  It was more of a free choice workout.  We also inserted running up and down the bleachers as "optional".  I decided to do it during lap 7 and lap 8.  

For the record, I haven't done this much work since like.....last SUMMER!!  Yup - that's so 2009!  Or as Fergie would say, "You so 2000 and late!"  So, I wake up this morning thinking I overslept.  Not!  As I rolled over to check my clock, I felt the pain.  Not necessarily pain, more so muscle soreness.  From my calves, to my quads, to my abdominal, to my chest, to my shoulder, to my back.  Oh!  And it was only 3:15am!  Soreness was so intense that it woke me up.  Crazy, right?  I think my body is mad at me.

So fast forwarding to like several hours later.  I was nervous.  Working out the day before was such a bad idea.  6:00pm was my training session.  I finally meet Gary after all these year.  Haha!  I'm a dork.  He was great!  Let me refresh my my memory so I can try to summarize my workout:
Jumping Jacks
Walking Lunges
Jogging forward and backward
Caterpillar walks
Side Shuffles
Wall Stretches (I forget what they were called...sorry Gary!)
Side Swing Kicks
Front/Back Swing Kicks

UNSeated Row Pulls (Note to self:  Gary doesn't like to sit ...*sad face*)
Mountain Climbers
Side Lunges
Bench Presses
Plank (hated that)
Reverse Flies (hated that, too!)
Hammer Curls with Squat
Speed Squats
Backward Lunges
Some type of Jumping movement (I forgot what he called it)
Jumping Squats
That's a lot right?  It was definitely not easy, which was what I totally expected (otherwise, my dumb ass wouldn't have prepared for a workout by working out. Ugh!) so I'm not surprised!  The workout's intensity was later appreciated when he said I was done. Aaaah!  Water never tasted so good, I tell you.  Whoo hoo!  I made it.  I survived.  Thank the Lord!  I had fun believe it or not.

Next training - Wednesday.....I'm nervous again.

I've decided to post a "Before" pic (coming soon) because I'm pretty optimistic that Gary will help me accomplish my goal.  Yay!  I get to cross out a "Tabo List" item this year!  

Hopeless Romantic

It's been an HOUR into our drive to the Annual Pillow Fight in San Francisco.  We are nearing an hour and a half.  Really?!  Normally, this drive would have taken us maybe 30 minutes, more or less.  Unbelievable.

Eli, Janelle, and Tates, whom I like to refer as the "Three Rascals" are constantly at wits ends with one other.  He's teasing her.  She's pushing him.  She won't be quiet.  He's being mean.  Ugh!  Total restlessness sets in between the three while we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the Embarcadero.  The slow traffic doesn't really phase me as I'm practicing my favorite hobby of all time:  people watching.  It's a beautiful evening with clear skies.  Temperature in San Francisco was probably in the mid 60's.  Poor little Tates was filled with panic and anxiety while the windows were rolled down as she thought that someone was going to grab her from outside our vehicle and take her away.  Put the blame on her mother for implanting that thought in her head to begin with.  Ryree and Eli both admiring the picturesqueness of the city.  I was highly anticipating to witness the Ferry Building's clock tower to strike 6:00pm.  This time around, I was praying for a yellow street light to buy me some time.  Renee was totally obsessed with the dude in the car next to her.  She was a bit bothered by him staring at her so she rolled her window back up whenever he'd pass us up.  Pretty hilarious.  Ryree and I were like, "Let him check you out!" LOL.  We saw people of all kind roaming around the streets of San Francisco.  We noticed a street bum taking a nap next to his shopping cart overflowed with his random possessions, which included a desk floor mat.  Tons of people lugging their drool infested pillows.  There were  a couple women walking barefoot while their high stiletto heels were on hand. Gross!  Can I say, "You'll get Hep!" There was another lady with her dog mortified because shortly after she picks up her dog's diarrhea in the middle of the sidewalk, it decides to poop some more.  Her boyfriend or friend also, by the way, doesn't bother to help.  We noticed a guy struggling to parallel park his car.  He had to pull out three times and start over again.  The parking space practically had room for two Mini Coopers.  He so had space and should have got it at one shot.  Even I was tempted to offer my assistance.  We also noticed a couple getting out of their vehicle to have it valet parked.  It looked as though they were ready for a romantic dinner at the ever so classy restaurant, Waterbar.  Nah!  Apparently, it was merely all about taking a mobile photo of the Bay Bridge (perhaps for a mobile upload for their  Facebook status?) instead of walking side by side and enjoying each other's company.  This is one of the main reasons why I uninstalled my Facebook App from my Blackberry phone.  It's a constant distraction from enjoying real life.  It seemed as though, it was a busy date night in the city.  DUH, right?  A lot of couples walking hand in hand.  Some even holding flowers and/or balloons.  During one of our stops at a red light, we were fighting our way to catch a glimpse of the caricature artist's work from our car.  So many people were gathered around him.  They probably were anticipating for their "couple" portrait to be drawn next.

Anyway, the subject of V-Day comes up as a conversation between us three sissies.  Apparently, they claim me to be a true hater of this glorious Hallmark holiday.  "To be honest, I never liked the holiday.  Even when I was in a relationship."  They still think it's a lie.  But really, I can't really recall a V-Day of my 31 years of living that I've truly observed this holiday.  Even in grade school.  I truly believed the holiday was forced on me during my childhood.  I felt as though, I had to make my mom buy me them perforated cardboard like greeting cards for school.  I had to give the most nicest one to my crush that year.  For what reason?  So, he knows that I like him?  And then what?  What if he didn't like me back? 
Renee:  Ryree - Do you consider yourself as a hopeless romantic
Ryree:  Of course!
share-bare:  Really?  I dunno. 
Renee:  Yeah, I think I would be, too if I found the right person.
Ryree/Renee:  share-bare is just a hater.  
It's hard to believe that two-thirds of us would consider being a hopeless romantic.  I mean, we were all raised by the same mother.  Wouldn't you think we'd share similar opinions?  Nope.  The two of them would actually celebrate Valentine's Day if they had a significant other.  I, on the other hand don't feel it's necessary.  The red foiled heart-shaped balloons are lame.  The chalk heart candy is lame.  All that red and pink decoration is totally lame!  I don't know.  Maybe, one day I'd convert from being a realist to a hopeless romantic.  Until then, nothing is going to change my mind of this ridiculous holiday.  Maybe a cupid's arrow will be my only hope.  If such a thing really does exist.  

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Puppy Whisperer

After several postponements, I finally got to meet with a childhood friend aka My Puppy Whisperer, Alex L.  I've known this clown since Kindergarten.  He's such a funny guy.  He's just so cool.  He used to live down the street from me.  We both lived across from our elementary school so I'd see him almost every day.

Fast forward to a couple years ago.  We reconnected with the help of the internet.  We had dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Hotaru to catch up.  Later that week, we hung out at a bar/lounge, Pier 23 where he acted as my wing man and vice-versa.  Wing man duties failed after he unknowingly tried to hook me up with a friend from our high school.  Initially, things were great.  The dude was very friendly (blame it on the alcohol) and talkative.  Alex's match making skilled failed when dude's wife snatched him away from me while we were dancing.  Alex was mortified and I was shocked and embarrassed.  A friend of ours, Steve was all nonchalant, "...Yeah, he got married like a couple weeks ago..."  "THANKS FOR SHARING THAT INFO WITH ME!",  I yelled out.  We immediately gave the sign to each other that it was time to call it a night and leave the damn place.  I had no right to be mad at my wing man since he too had no idea that dude was married.  We walked out of Pier 23 and headed to our cars.  It was dead silence.  Awkward moment I must say.  What just happened?!  Afterward, we could not help but laugh about the entire situation.  Hysterical!

Fast forward to today.  So, I've been anxiously trying to meet up with him.  As you know, I got a puppy back in September 2009.  Bam is now 6 months but I still have been having some difficulties controlling him.  Alex, by the way, is a dog trainer.  I guess I forgot to mention that.  Once he got the word, he was also excited to meet Bam.  A few months prior to today, I would get his ever so helpful advice via g-chat about how to's.  Soon, the online advice wasn't good enough for me.  I needed Alex to see what a challenge I was going through.  So, we finally met this morning.

His initial meeting with Bam was so not pleasant.  Alex walked into Bam's territory (aka the Living Room) and immediately did not acknowledge him.  Obviously, Bam felt intimidated and let out more than a few barks.  More like hella barks.  Loud barks, too!  Bam was like (well my interpretation of it, at least):
"WTF!  Who are you and what are you doing here?!  I don't know you.  You are in my house!  Don't you dare ignore me!  Respect me damnit. You better say hi or I'm gonna keep on barking until you do so!  Don't make me jump on you!"   
I never seen Bam act like this before!  Oh NO!  Then Alex walked directly in front of him.  Snapped his magical fingers and busted out a loud "shush!".  Then there was dead silence.  Bam listened and sat without command.  What?!  Amazing!!  My consultation with Alex lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  It was so damn informative and a bit overwhelming at the same time.  All the pieces finally came together.  I most definitely learned a whole lot of massive information.  I finally knew why Bam acted so disrespectful to visitors.  Mainly, because I let him.  I know, I know...shame on me.  Instead of treating him like a dog like all owners should,  I treated him more like my human step-child hoping that eventually, he'll learn on his own and grow out of this terrible two's type of behavior.  Uh no.  Negative, negative, negative!!

Yes, I'm the pack leader and Bam knows that.  BUT he respects me only to a certain extent.  I had no idea that he had me wrapped around his little dew claws.  I had no idea that I....(ME?!) was encouraging some types of bad behavior.  I read all the books puppy training books.  I should be right!  I'm doing this right!  Uh, negative, negative, negative.

One thing I learned that Bam feeds on my mood and energy.  And if you don't know me, personally.  I'm can be a girl on crack.  My mind runs like 100 miles per second.  I constantly have this "on-the-go" type of attitude.  I get eagerly excited when people come by and visit.   So does Bam.  I like to rush things.  So does Bam.  I'm extremely impatient.  So is Bam.  I always have this internal schedule that I have to live by.  If it doesn't play out as planned, I get very bothered.  So does Bam.  I'm also very stubborn and hate being told what to do when I don't want to do it.  Ummm, so does Bam.  You see the problem wasn't really Bam.  It was ME!

"Don't worry", Alex says.  "This can all be easily corrected especially since he's still very young dog."  Whew!  I let out a big sigh of relief and he laughs.  "Stop being so uptight!"...."Relax.  Two things you have to do in order for this to work is the following"
  1. EXERCISE!  I'm sorry.  You're not going to like what you're about to hear but 1 hour each day won't cut it, especially for a Lab.  Try bumping it up.  He needs a way to release his energy.  Walking is good.  Running is great!  At least 2 hours each day will definitely help him be more of a relaxed dog at home.  
  2. BE CALM!  Bam is a smart dog and knows when you are calm.  When you're calm, he too will learn to be calm and submissive.  He needs to know that he only can exert his energy during exercise time.  If he's not calm, correct him.  If you correct him over and over, he will soon learn that being overly excited is not OK.  You have to find it within you.  Whatever makes you less tense, work off from that.  Don't yell.  Don't cuss.  Control your tone and your body language.   
That above was just a teeny weeny bit of I learned today.  Too many faults of mine to state.  I don't want to talk about it.  (Typical of me.)  But,  in a matter of time, I hope to have the most well-behaved dog ever. 

Until then, let me share with you a picture of Alex's prized possessions, his kids (see above).   Isn't his family the cutest?!  Thank you Alex, my Puppy Whisperer.  I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today.  I am totally going to refer you to pet owners who want to "fix" their dog's behavior!

Couple hours later, Bam is amazingly STILL showing signs of calm and submissive behavior.  It's a miracle!!!  See proof below.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We Are the World 25 for Haiti

Donate by Downloading at iTunes
.....I did and it's continuously on repeat. gives me goosebumps every single time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buy Street Cred

Have you ever walked downtown or wandered the streets and spot a hot chick/dude?  Ever wonder if they were available?  Ever wonder if they were checking you out, too?  Tired of that mis-connection?  Well apparently, there's an App for that!  I'm completely amazed right now....check it out for yourself:

Could this perhaps be the new thing?!?!  To be honest, I'd probably give this a shot.  The only bad thing is that this App is only compatible with the iPhone and iTouch.  What a downfall for Blackberry owner, me.  Urban Signal is "Taking Love Back to the Streets" I kinda like that motto.  Wouldn't you agree??


Day 4 of 168

30 15 Minute Run Light Jog and 15 Minute Fast Walk.  Huge disappointment.  I guess that's what I get for rushing.  I didn't bother to stretch or do a warm-up.  Why?  Because mi madre cooked some grubbin' ass prime rib!  LOL!  I wanted to get back to the apartment ASAP.  Pretty pathetic of me, right? 

What did I learn?
  1. STRETCH no matter what or else you'll get a shin cramp!  It doesn't look very nice.  Unless you consider me a pimp with my pimp walk minus the cane. 
  2. Don't RUSH!  Good food will not run away! (unless you have some unexpected guests - not the case today 
  3. Don't work out HUNGRY.  It made my workout very sad.  
It's only the beginning.  I have 164 more days until my half marathon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

24 Week Training

officially starts NOW TOMORROW!

I'm not trying to stall or make up a lame excuse.  I actually have good reason - health.  I've recently contracted something called HFMD.  Sounds like some type of STD, right?  Wrong!  Practically my entire family were diagnosed with HFMD and apparently this is a very VERY common viral illness of children.  That would explain how I got infected.  Strangely, this virus causes blisters in the hand, feet, and mouth.  On top of that you experience high fever and fatigue.  I'm healing but now my son has it.  Poor baby.  Anyway, I will start tomorrow.  I feel a little bit better now.  I still get the occasional light headed dizziness but other than that, I think I can hang.

So let the training begin!  6 months until the San Francisco Marathon.  You might wonder why I'm training for 6 months.  I'm going for best time this time around.  I hope I can succeed!  Sports bra and skimpy shorts get ready for me to wear you!!  And besides that, I have 3 months to get in tip top shape (with nice abs!) for something else.  *wink-wink*  Twinks - I'm excited! 

Eat Crap what I DID NOT say but that's what he literally puppy, Bam that is.  GROSS!!

I don't get it.  5 minutes prior, he's standing by the kitchen door which is his usual way of communicating to me that he needs to go potty.  I leash him up and take him downstairs in the rain with my ever so cute navy blue rain boots.  He goes pee.  He's done.  He walks straight to the door and we're back inside.   OK that's a sign that he's done with his business.  We're back inside the apartment and he starts where he left off at - playing with this red Kong toy.  I'm back to where I left off which was reading my favorite blah-gs.  It's unusually quiet.  I notice that I left my patio door open.  Why?  Oh yeah, it was because the entire apartment smelled like chicken adobo.  Anyway, I see him walk out into the patio.    I figure he heard something outside and his nosy butt just wanted to check it out.  He's still out there in pitch dark and it's extremely quiet.  I decide to take a break from my reading to check up on him.  I approach the patio door and it reeked!  He's licking the floor.  I bend over to check it out.  OMG! EW! EW! EW!  It was all gone by then.  I immediately tried to rinse his mouth with water.  Ugh!  There's definitely no snuggle time tonight with Bam.  I think I'm going to brush his teeth right now.  This will be fun...NOT!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's been about two years since I've inherited this horrible habit of checking Facebook status updates of my friends via mobile phone like every half hour.   It's been about a month since I've got sucked into the darn Farmville application on Facebook.  What's up with this addiction?  I'm fed up.

Today marks the day that I have officially removed my Facebook App from my BlackBerry Curve.  I'm slowly trying to steer away from the virtual world with the exception Blogger or as I like to call Blah-gger, of course.  I'm making a change for the better.  I still plan on keeping my account active but will only check for messages from friends.  I'm hoping this will be a change for the better.  I'm hoping this will enable me to get out more.

Today (and every day), Facebook asks: "What's on your mind?"

share-bare says buh-bye for now! 7 minutes ago clear

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night, Ryree and I had a mini date.  We watched, Dear John.  Since yesterday was opening night, I won't spoil it for the chicks that are anxious to watch it.  I can only say one thing (about Channing Tatum) - HOTNESS. 

It's no wonder I'm so obsessed with chick flicks.  I always tend to fall madly in lust with the fictional male lead role.  It's no wonder men can't stand chick flicks.  It gives us chicks the idea that there is such a man that exists in this real world.  Sorry ladies, but I have to sympathize with the dudes on this one.

Anyway, the television junkie that I am came up with a list of my top reality male personalities I wouldn't mind hooking up with.  I figure their realness makes more sense for me to go goo-goo-ga-ga over.  No more infatuating over a man like a John Tyree of Dear John; Steve Edison of The Wedding Planner; Jonathan Trager of Serendipity;  Matt Flamhaff of 13 Going on 30; Noah Calhoun of The Notebook; Tom Bailey of Made of Honor; Ben Barry of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; Kevin Doyle of 27 Dresses; Tripp of Failure to Launch; Nick Mercer of The Wedding Date; Micheal O'Neal of My Best Friend's Wedding; Mr. Big of Sex and the City; and Henry Roth of 50 First Dates.  I can go on and on but I'll stop at here

 <---Hank Baskett

Nick Lachey 

<---Patrick Neely
Stephen Colletti

IMPORTANT Note to Self:  
The true reality of it all - I seriously need to get my fat ass of the couch and stop obsessing over reality television.

Friday, February 5, 2010

share-bare's ranDUMB Moment #11

Last night was the 4th of the month.  Rent for my apartment lease is due on the 1st of the month.  How I overlooked this and FORGOT to pay for my rent....I have no idea!  Good thing I remembered no later than the 5th of the month.  I made sure that my rent check was placed in the rent drop box at the Leasing Office this morning.  Whew!  Close call, I tell you.  Otherwise, I'd probably see a paper taped to the front of my door with the heading:

To put that in layman's terms, "Bitch, you best pay your rent or I'm 'bout to have the County Sheriff personally evict your ass, throw your crap out on the street, and change the locks!"  I should know because I used to do file these judgments with the court as a living.  It certainly ain't a pretty situation to be in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Hate Washing Dishes

Are you one of those people that can never get over how a phrase, saying, object, food, or a certain place can immediately trigger a memory shared with an ex? I’m sure we can all relate in some way. Breaking up is hard to do because your mind won’t let go of what you want to forget. My sister, for example, grunts every time she passes up a black on black 2007 Ford GT Mustang. That was her ex’s car in case you’re wondering. For me, there’s just too many to name. There is one huge one in particular that I would absolutely like to remove permanently from my brain. Its been bugging me for almost 6 years, in case you want to know.

When I lived with my ex (aka Mr. Wrong #11) for a very very short time we would always take turns cooking for each other. Dinner was actually my favorite part of the day. We’d hang out in the kitchen while our meal is cooking and simply talk about our day. Our conversation would continue into the dining room. We vowed to enjoy dinner time together without the television on (even during Monday Night Football). Candles would also be lit. I love candles, by the way. It’s not so the romantic aspect of it. It’s just very zen. Somehow, it sets a very relaxed environment. Anyway, back to what I was saying. After we finished our dinner, it would be off to washing the dirty dishes. We also took turns with this task. Now, this is the part I would like to erase from my brain like for my entire lifetime plus infinity and beyond. So, here’s the thing. Everyone has their preference of how they wash the dishes, right? With me, I start from biggest (pots/pans) and then finish off with the glasses and flatware. One day, Mr. Wrong #11 was standing over my shoulder while finishing up his second glass of red wine. We talked as he observed me. He then decided to instruct me an alternative way (more like his way which of course is the RIGHT way) of washing the dishes. Was he serious? Um, yes. He made it a point that it was best to wash the cleanest first and then heavily soiled stuff last. Since I was so madly in love with him at the time, I took his advice and started washing dishes HIS way and continued doing that going forward. He did had a good point actually.

But then comes Splitsville. Bitter little me came to realize that I don’t want to wash dishes his way anymore. Freak that! Til this day, in spite of what he said before, I will never be able to wash dishes the same order as him ever again. Just because….just because I want it MY way. Sadly, even though his presence is gone, I can still hear the tone of his voice. I hate to give him that teeny weeny bit of satisfaction he no longer deserved from me. Almost every time I wash dishes without any distraction, the sight of my soapy, sudsy sponge triggers that stupid flashback. I end up saying to myself (of course not out loud), ‘I’m going to wash this greasy ass frying pan FIRST because I despise you! Take that, take that!’ Pretty pathetic but that’s me (sometimes).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

31 ranDUMB Things About share-bare Part II

Here's my 2010 edition.  It has been upgraded to 31.  I'm so generous, right?

  1. I've only been in love once my entire life and it was a former co-worker.  Oops!
  2. I used to drink whole milk during spaghetti nights at mi Madre's until I moved out.
  3. I know the exact date and place I got "Knocked Up" at age 19 - Christmas Eve at (location undisclosed due to privacy rights)
  4. I adore the adventures of parallel parking.  No back up camera necessary for this chick!
  5. I used a condom when I lost my virginity but it was not lubricated.  Can I say "OUCH!"?!
  6. Even though I'm constantly surrounded by family and friends, I still can get pretty lonely.
  7. I never smoked a cigarette and don't think I'll ever be tempted to.
  8. I always eat M&M's, Skittles, gummy bears, and any other small candies in pairs because it just wouldn't be fair to both sides of my mouth.
  9. I don't like giving affection but I love to spoon.
  10. I always lie to my dentist and say I floss every day even though he/she can tell that I really don't.
  11. I viewed my first porn website when I was 22 years old.  I blame Mr. Wrong #10 and Mr. McNeil for that.  LOL!
  12. In Junior High, I would sacrifice my lunch hour to tutor Math and Science for Mr. Negherbon.
  13. Table manners are totally out the door when I'm eating with no one looking.
  14. I played strip poker one night but had no idea how to play.
  15. I still get jealous when my mom pays more attention to my two siblings than me.
  16. One time I thought about sex during mass at church.  I felt so guilty that I did not return for months because I thought God was mad at me.  (He probably was)
  17. I survived 3 car accidents that only involved the vehicle I was in.
  18. I like to throw things when I'm extremely pissed off.  Shoes, phones, and remote controls are most popular.
  19. I've once packed my ex live-in boyfriend's belongings in a big black trash bag (while he was away) after I realized he cheated and lied to me.  I wanted so bad to throw it over the balcony but I was afraid I'd ruin my neighbors landscaping 4 stories down.  I left it outside my doorstep, instead.
  20. It peeves me when someone tells you they will call you back but never do.
  21. I tend to crave Mexican and Chinese food during PMS.
  22. I've faked an orgasm way too many times so that the session can be done and over with.
  23. While working in a retail store during high school, I lost my temper with one customer, leaned over the counter, and slapped her because she called me a bitch.  I thought I was going to get fired on the spot but my boss told her to get the F**K out of his store and never come back again.  Now that's what I call employee appreciation!
  24. I'm an Irish twin!
  25. Two guys actually texted me a picture of their "you know what"
  26. I don't own an umbrella nor will I prefer to use one in the rain.
  27. Single or not - I do not celebrate Valentine's Day
  28. I wish the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Superbowl this year.
  29. I prefer not to ever use the term 'panty'.  'Underwear' is suitable enough.
  30. One day I decided to give myself a bikini wax.  I chickened out.  Regrettably, it was too late to change my mind after I smothered my crotch area with sticky hot wax.  I had no choice but to endure the hour long pain and torture in my bathroom.
  31.  I can never keep a straight face during a lie

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2009 Drafts

I've been very hesitant, you see.  I'm not the type of chick that likes to express her feelings outside of the Blogger world.  Apparently, expressing your emotions is very healthy type of behavior.  Eh, I still don't agree 100%.

One of the items on my Tabo List is to 'Marry Mr. Right'.  After much deliberation, I chose to take my readers through this journey of mine.  The kind of experience in which I meet a bunch of Mr. Wrongs along the way.   But let me just tell you!!  It's gonna be a long and bumpy ride so buckle up.  Below are some really old 2009 blah-g drafts I finally decided to publish.  Don't laugh, OK.  I'm only human.   I'm trying to make some self improvement here.

  1. Let's Get Personal
  2. Dear sharebare
  3. Puke Smiley
  4. Stepping Stone

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy New Decade

The year is now 2010.  Crazy, right?  My how time flies.  I can't believe we're already in the month of February.

It seemed like it was just yesterday, I was dealing with the terrible two’s as a single mother. What did I learn? I learned that being a new mother is the greatest gift of all. At the end of the day, you realize that beneath it all lays the most precious little angel. The best part of it is – I helped create it!
‘…Without you in my life would be filled rain…You brighten up my days, I’ll love you always…’ - Coko: Sunshine

It seemed like it was just yesterday, that I was coping with a huge loss of someone very important to me – my father. What did I learn? I learned that even in times of grief, there will always be happiness. Happy memories shared between one another is something oh so powerful. It’s incredible how our minds are programmed to back track and remember certain moments of our life. Slowly but surely, I learned to accept my loss. The most important tool of the healing process is to never ever ever forget.

It seemed like it was just yesterday, that I was living life like a freakin’ rock star. What did I learn? Temporary needs do not cure the wants especially when it’s a merely acting as a filler for the empty space in my life. Once the moment is gone, I am back to where I started. I can definitely continue to play foolishly with boys. The fact of the matter of it all is that it forfeits my true goal of finding a man better known as someone I would want to grow old with. I learned that want vs. need makes all the difference in the world.
A want is something you would like to have. It is not absolutely necessary, but it would be a good thing to have. A need is something you have to have, something you can’t do without.
It seemed like it was just yesterday, that I’ve purchased a condominium with whom I thought was to be my soul mate but later find out it was just simply a short dream lived. What did I learn? I’ve learned that ignoring problems lead to more complications down the road. I will never assume that material things will make it all the problems disappear. It is especially a huge mistake to buy a house that was never intended of becoming a home.

It seemed like it was just yesterday, that I was sleeping alone in my bed due to a shattered and broken heart. What did I learn? I learned that -
‘Rather than hold on to a broken dream, I’ll just to hold on to love’ – Alicia Keys: Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart
After all the lessons learned during the past decade, I am darn grateful that I’ve been able to overcome all my previous challenges. I’m pretty much ready for what this new decade has to offer. I’m entering it with an open heart, an open mind, and a positive outlook. That’s pretty much all I need in order to conquer it all. Bring it on!