My original purpose of this blog was to keep track of all of my "Things To Do" before my life expires. You know... stuff to do before you kick the bucket. Well people - here's my Bucket List or shall I say "Tabo" List. You only live once, so don't think twice. In addition to my "Tabo" List, you'll find me sharing how it's like to live the life of the wonderful share-bare. Happy Reading! ENJOY!

(inspired by the 2007 movie, The Bucket List )

1.) Pet a Tiger Cub
2.) Hold and Wrap a Snake Around Me
3.) Raise Money for a Good Cause

4.) Run a Half Marathon
5.) Run a Full Marathon

6.) Attend an Oprah Winfrey Show

7.) Meet Drew Barrymore in Person

8.) Go Dog Sledding in the Colorado Mountains
9.) Get Rock Hard Abs

10.) Write My Own Book and/or Sitcom

11.) Be in a Professional Photo Shoot
12.) Compete in a Bus Surfing Contest
13.) Step Inside of Grand Central Station in New York
14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot
15.) Adopt a dog named him Chaw-Lee <--I mean, Bam

16.) Learn to Swim so I Can be a Surfer Chick

17.) Enjoy a Special Brownie

18.) Hale Down a Yellow Cab
19.) Lie in a Hammock with Someone Special
20.) Apply for a Library Card
21.) Get a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
22.) Get Kissed by a Hottie on New Year's (Strike of Midnight)

23.) Learn to be a Voice Over Artist
24.) Attend a Superbowl Game
25.) Sing the Song 'Killing Me Softly' at a Karaoke Bar
26.) Go Skinny Dipping

27.) Be on T.V.

28.) Go White Water Rafting in the American River
29.) Run up the "Rocky Steps" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
30.) Marry Mr. Right

31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke
32.) Go Stand Up Paddle Surfing (or Hoe he'e nalu) somewhere tropical

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a Merry Christmas in 2010!

Merry Christmas All from all of us to you!  Check Bam out with the wreath.  I guess he thought he was getting a new collar.  Hehe!  Silly dog you!

Rerry Ruff 'nas from Bam!
This may have been the best Christmas by far!  NuBoo did the most thoughtfullest thing ever!  I love him so.   This gift of mine from him was certainly a shocker.  He took my most favorite picture of me and my dad and had Michael Sacramento create a nice painting for me!  Awesome right?  My dad looks so real.  It's amazingly beautiful!  Check it out for yourself!

Me and my Daddy.  Miss you Dad!
This Christmas gift brought me to tears.  Tears of joy, happiness, and appreciation.  I'm truly blessed to find such an awesome man.  This gift tops them all!  I love you NuBoo!  Thanks also goes to Micheal for recreating my favorite picture into a magnificent piece of canvas art.  I can't wait to hang it up soon!!   

Merry Christmas Everyone!  May you have memories to cherish year after year!  Have a blessed day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our 1st Ornament

Traditions...  I like creating new traditions.  2010 is definitely a good year to start one.  I mean everything has been going so great this year for me!  I can't believe how it's almost over.  Anyway,   NuBoo, Eli and I decided to get a special Hallmark Keepsake Ornament each year.  This year was our first Christmas together so we choose this.

Ain't it cute?  Once a year seems like a plan considering how much our first ornament was.  Major grip!  A whopping $14.95 plus tax!  Crazy but totally worth it!  I was seriously considering joining the Keepsake Ornament Club too but too bad it's like $30.95 per year.   Beyond my budget, that's for sure. Plus, I only need one ornament, not two.  Two is just too muchey.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

...Oh Christmas tree
Thy leaves are so unchanging...

This year marks getting our FIRST Christmas tree together.  A real tree at that!   No fake or imitations  here!  No sir!  I never got a real tree!!!  So, this moment was extremely special for the three of us - Me, NuBoo, and Eli!  Good times!  After many attempts, we finally found the perfect tree.  My four tries picking it out from the bunch weren't as successful as Eli's single try.  Ain't it a beauty?  Nice and thick!!  

{The winner!}
Once we got home, NuBoo was so excited that he had to hug it.

{Tree Hugger}
Just Kidding!  He was just setting it up.  Looks kinda awkward, doesn't it?  Hehe!

Monday, December 13, 2010

An Irkalicious Day

Typical Monday work days.  But perhaps today was just one of them days.  I must have had my ears on bionic hearing mode.  Today's post is just a simple vent:

I'm sick of the hearing the chick 2 cubicles away burp nonchalantly.  OK, I get it.  The 1st few times were accidents but really now.  Don't make it an after a meal or snack habit.  It's quite disturbing and RUDE (might I add).  I do hear you!!

Loud finger tapping which leads to excessively loud finger nail tapping which leads to a duet of finger AND toe tapping!  Ugh!  I know you are thinking dude in the cubicle next to me but really....just stop!  It's distracting.  Your in a thinking mode but here I am in an irkalicious mode.  It's not fair at all.  How about just looking up into the cold non-operable HVAC office air.  It's a quieter technique.  That way I can actually concentrate on getting work done instead of focusing on your annoying habits. 

Next, you have the foreigners who claim they are citizens but yet constantly talk Tagalog amongst one another.  This is America!  English please.   Much appreciated.  Not only that but when they argue they have this high pitched voice that echoes throughout half of our entire floor. 

I might take up on my boss' advice and invest on some noise canceling headphones.  Shall I have the same wish list item as my son Eli?  Hmmm....Beats by Dre surely sound like a GREAT investment.  Now only if I can find some extra cash lying around, that would be great - $300?!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Much I Wanna Do....

....Though so little....MULA!

LOL!  You thought I was going to say 'time', huh?  Do you ever just sit at home on a Friday night and think - I feel like a loser.  Light bulb finally lit up over my head and I was like."Geez, maybe because I'm broke as a joke?!"  But if I had enough funds to do what I've always wanted to do, I'd do the following:

YOGA - I want to be a yoga-terian.  You know, one who consumes yoga on a daily basis.  Haha!  I just made that word up myself.  Pretty awesome.  Have you seen the hot celebrity yoga-terians?  So freakin' toned!  Not only that, but they have peacefulness attitude that shows.  I, for one, need that sh!t.  But do you think they allow short tempered and moody students in their class?  Please change me yoga-terian teachers.  I desperately need your help to eliminate my constant stress and worry wartness that has recently taken over my entire body.

GO PART-TIME - My career has also taken it's toll on me.  I'm an Accountant and I feel like I'm always doing a month-end close like every week.  I love my job.  I just don't like the stress that comes along with it.  I don't like to feel rushed but I like the challenge.  If I were able to afford my lifestyle and go part-time, I'd be the happiest girl in the world.  I'll finally have the time to take my dog for long walks TWICE a day.  I'll be able to find time to try to sample out some kick ass looking recipes on the Food Network Channel.  I'll be able to have some "Me" time in between being a mom, a dog owner, a girlfriend, and working into becoming a professional yoga-terian.  That's right!  Ahhh, what a dream that would be!

ROAD TRIP!  - Inspired by my soul sister, Britney Spears' movie, Crossroads.  I just want to rent a car and just drive away with the girls!  Not just to Los Angeles or San Diego. Somewhere a little further down or up the way.  Maybe eastward even.  Let's just up and leave for a month or something, shall we?
BACK TO SCHOOL - Another addition to my Tabo List is to finish college with a Bachelors Degree.  I know it's going to take a long time if I go part-time.  I've always wanted to do Architecture but I don't think that will pay good money.  I could be wrong.  Maybe, I'll stick to the broad Accounting/Finance field.   Who knows.... Now, if I only can get my foot through that door to attend a class, that would be a good start to something.  As NuBoo would say, "Don't talk about it.  BE about it".  And as I would always say as a reply to that famous slogan of his "Yeah, yeah, yeah...."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm totally trying to be optimistic.  Ho la fellow readers!  Long time no blah-g!  I know, right?  I miss you all.  I hope you missed me too.

A lot has happened during the latter part of this year.  Still by far one of the BEST Years ever.  I'm very thankful for the path I've taken and excited to see what lies down the road.  Here's a lil' bit of an update: 
  1. I hosted my 1st 4th of July BBQ
  2. I went camping with a bunch of new friends and acquaintances during the summer in August
  3. Planned and attended my family's South Lake Tahoe vacation in August, as well
  4. I met NuBoo's extended family for the 1st time.
  5. Learned how to be a nurse to NuBoo for about 6 weeks due to a torn Achilles in September
  6. I missed out on my 1st vacation with NuBoo and Eli due to NuBoo's Achilles injury - boohoo!
  7. I ate HELLA ribs in Sparks, Nevada during Labor Day Weekend.  I lost $40 playing Wheel of Fortune slot machine
  8. I'm taking night classes with sissy Ryree in order to receive our Sacrament of Confirmation.  If you're not Catholic, you have no idea what I'm talking about.  Try google-ing it.
  9. I Got into the NWM 2010 5 weeks prior to race day - PURE LUCK!  AND....I totally beat my SFM finish time.  Awesome, right?  I concur.
  10. I got to experience the World Series first hand.  NuBoo got tickets for Eli and I for Game 1.  GO GIANTS!
  11. I finally went on my 1st trip with both NuBoo and Eli and traveled to Las Vegas for the weekend earlier this month. We watched the Jabbawockeez (Eli's favorite dance group) perform at the Monte Carlo.  Lost $40 AGAIN playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  Will I ever learn??
  12. I perfected my Braised Short Ribs recipe in time for my family's Thanksgiving Potluck.
  13. I went shopping galore during Black Friday - Approximately 75%-80% completed with my Christmas shopping list.  I'm the Bomb Diggity!
  14. And now I'm doing something somewhat nomadic(if your a die hard reader of Share's Tabo List then you'll know what I'm talking about).....Stay tuned!  Like I said, It's off to BIGGER and BETTER.  And's not a boob job. 
Awe....typing on Blogger feels so good!

{Game 1 of the World Series}

{Nike Women's Marathon 2010 - Start Line early in the morning!}

{AT&T Park, San Francisco - World Series 2010}    

{Me & NuBoo's 1st Camping Trip with Friends}
{Eli & I grubbin' on some RIBS @ the Golden Nugget Rib Cook Off 2010}
{Taking my patient, NuBoo to the grocery store}
{Reppin' for Team F.R.E.S.H. @ the NWM 2010 with my Ghiradelli chocolate}

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SF Marathon 2010

Half Marathon Finish Time:  2:28:19

...not bad, eh?

GO TEAM F.R.E.S.H. [Freakin' Runnin' Every Sunday, Holler]

Friday, July 16, 2010

1st Giants Game with NuBoo

  1. Field Club Seats behind Home Plate.  
  2. Date Night
  3. Garlic Fries and Crab Sandies!
  4. Giants won, of course!

 6.) ... AND got we got to see FIREWORKS!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TFT Testimonial Complete

Here it is!  Bloopers to be posted soon....(they are hilarious!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Head Banger

Bad News hit me hard in the head.  And, I say that literally.  A couple weeks ago, I was at NuBoo's house.  We just finished a 10 mile run for our Half Marathon training.  We rested for a while and played with Bam.  I was in the living room and leaned backed hard to rest against the back cushion of his couch.  It was too late before I realized that his couch in fact had no back to it for it was really a long rectangular ottoman.  BANG went my head onto his window sill.  Painful as it was, I got over it quickly.  Just saw a few stars but nothing major like me passing out. 

Couple days later after my incident, I was working out w/my personal trainer Gary at the TFT facility.  Between the TRX and doing planks, I all of a sudden felt dizzy.  Perhaps, I didn't eat?  But I did! Suddenly, I was having vertigo.  The room was spinning and I could not balance.  I took a quick rest on the floor accompanied by a sip of my bottled water.  Vertigo went away temporarily.  Dizziness and fatigue was still present.  I continued the workout until the very end. 

After my workout, I was feeling extremely sleepy driving home.  I knew I had enough rest the night before.  Plus, it's so rare for me to be drowsy mid-morning.  What's going on?  I sucked it up and went about my normal routine. 

The day after, I still felt tired and very dizzy.   It was like I just finished riding a roller coaster at Great America.  Not only that, but my vertigo episodes were not going away.  In addition to that, I felt I was going to puke and my head would start hurting.   I almost tipped over while getting out of the shower.  Right then and there, I knew something was wrong but I still ignored it.  I wasn't concerned about myself quite yet.  Half a day into it,  NuBoo finally convinced my stubborn ass to put a call into the advice nurse at Kaiser Permanente. The symptoms I had were identical to symptoms of a concussion.  Who would have thought that hitting my head while doing something really idiotic would cause me to have a concussion.  Pretty embarrassing, right?  I mean, at least have me do something athletic to deserve this!  Not a head bang to a freakin' window sill because of my carelessness and stupidity.  Anyway, I finally made a doctor appointment.  Results - yup, I have a concussion.  Apparently, I hit my head so hard that it cause some bruising in my brain.  Boo!  Doctor said to rest for one to two weeks.  No exercise.  He even gave me a doctor's note to take off from work.  Did I do that?  Negative.  My brain must be really acting up!  Anyone, I mean anyone would have made use of that doctor's note right?  Nope. Not I.  I must be really f**ked up in the dome. 

Anyway, there's my story of my first concussion in my life.  It's definitely not fun.  I still haven't felt the same since and it's been exactly a week.  Hopefully, I get better soon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pizza Night with 515ters

I made my first pizza at one of my girlfriend's house.  Good times!  Everyone decided to make regular looking personal pizzas but I for one (I guess since I'm the baby of the clan) decided to be a bit creative.  Presentation was cute but taste-wise....I actually could have used a little more olives, mushrooms, meat, and especially CHEESE on mine.  So much for creativity.  I still enjoyed my personal pizza.  



{My lovely 515ters!}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot

I finally did it (on May 23rd)!  It only took 31 and half years to accomplish.  Better late than never....It was magnificent!  I wouldn't have done it without Team F.R.E.S.H.(and then some)!!!

How did I do it?  Ummm, I ran!  Well I stopped for a bit to take pictures with my BlackBerry.  I totally forgot my camera but all good.  Since, we've been training for the SF Marathon, I thought it would be a great idea to run half of the actual route.  While I'm at it....complete Item 14 of my Tabo List.  8 Freakin' miles complete so far!  Whoo hoo!  Our team rocks!  Thank you Reegsta for the recovery meal recommendation - Home Plate.  Food was yummy to my tummy!  Crab omelette was the bomb diggity!  Absolutely to die for!  The big plus was the free scones and the homemade strawberry jam.  Me love jam.  Jam baby jam!  Yummm....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too Hot to Handle's finally a great day today.  No sign of rain.  No cloud in the sky.

I have my day all planned out.  I woke up bright and early (5:30am to be exact).  I took Bam for his usual morning walk.  Afterwards, I made myself some coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Yeah - I'm still addicted to it.  I mean it's soooo good!  Got ready for my TFT morning workout and was out the door.  

When I got back, I already had my schedule laid out.
  • Make breakfast for Eli
  • Wash the dishes and vacuum the apartment
  • Throw three loads of dirty clothes into the washer
  • Take Eli to his friend's house so that they can finish up their science project
  • Transfer my wet laundry to the dryer
  • Go for a 2-3 mile run with Bam
  • Clean out my dirty TrailBlazer and take it to Ducky's for a nice car wash
  • THEN shower once all my errands are done.
  • Pick Eli from up his friends house.
  • Go to the East Bay.  Madz house to be exact to pick sissy Renee up.
  • Meet up with Chelle and Joyce at the theatre to watch Sex and the City 2
  • Have dinner after the movie
  • Head back home and make my chicken dish for NuBoo's roommate's Going Away Partay
  • Get dolled up (well kinda sorta...still don't know what to wear, by the way)
  • Head over to NuBoo's for some good times.
So far...
  • Had to reload one load of laundry into a washer that ACTUALLY works.  Ugh!  Now my laundry process has been delayed another 50 minutes!  Can someone be nice enough to place a sign which says 'OUT OF ORDER'.  C'mon now neighbors!!  I'm on a time restraint!
  • Did not vacuum.  Totally got sidetracked and decided to browse the web.  My bad.
  • Did not run just because I'm lazy and still not over the fact that I wasted 38 minutes on a disfunctional washer.
  • Still have not showered...
  • FORGOT to take the chicken for my dish out from the freezer to defrost.  By the time I realized it was already 1:00pm.  Let's pray for a defrosting miracle!
This BEAUTIFUL and sunny day was definitely too good to be true.  Something(s) just had to go wrong.  I guess I shouldn't pressure myself into doing stuff simultaneously.  Now I'm stressed that I won't be able to clean my car and also not have a dish to bring for tonight.  Someone is already bringing wings.  Dangit....

"The Talk"

I must have forgotten ever receiving the memo regarding "The Talk"

So, I've been hanging out with a certain individual.  Let's call him NuBoo for now.  NuBoo was my 1st Date of 2010, as well as, the fella who accompanied me to the beautiful Angel Island for the Segway tour.  So there.  A bit of a background behind NuBoo.

Anyway, I've been approached by a few people asking the status of our affiliation.  My answer:  I don't know.  Then the next thing they ask:  Well, have you had "The Talk"?  I go:  WTF is "The Talk"?  I always thought "The Talk" referred to the birds and the bees discussion you give to your growing  adolescent, (WHICH by the way, I've failed majorly during my attempt - it was quite hilarious if I think back of it now...poor son of mine).  But nope.  "The Talk" referred to the relationship talk.   The big word I sort of have been scared of during these past few years- commitment.  And no....I'm not a cheater!  Pause.  No judging allowed.  But for your information, I don't have problems committing.  I just have issues committing to the wrong men.  Make sense now?  Now that we have that clarified, moving on...

I decided to entertain myself as I was the one who has been entertaining a lot of people this past week.  We'll talk more about that in one of share-bare's ranDUMB moment posts.  Coming soon at a web browser near you.  So back to "The Talk".   I google'd "The Talk" and I came across this web page titled, "How to Have 'The Talk' With Him"  I'm a boggled right now.  Oh, the stuff you find in the internet these days...*sigh*  Read it for yourself.  But, if you are lazy like myself, I will save you from the torture by listing their 4 tips: 
  1. Get a Goal
  2. Pick the Right Setting
  3. Choose the Right Words Wisely
  4. Seal the Deal
I don't know if it's just me, but doesn't this look wrong?  It's like I'm reading tips on how to negotiate with a car salesman on purchasing your first car....Hmmm.  After all this nonsense, I've decided to look no further and IGNORE what the web is trying to tell me.  Let's just forget I ever did that, shall we?  I'm also going to politely blow off everyone around me who asks about my affiliation with NuBoo.  If I knew, then I will tell you.  But for now, I don't.  OK?  Besides, I don't want to end up over thinking the situation.  I'd much rather like to continue enjoying NuBoo's company whom I care deeply about at this moment in time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dating Don'ts According to share-bare

Lately, I've been withholding a bunch of stuff.  My bad.  I guess life is no longer full of bitterness and complaints.  I apologize peoples.  I'm what you call boring now.  Could I possibly be a mature adult.

Anyhow, during my drive to my TFT workout, dating flashbacks came to mind.  Lightbulb!  What a brilliant idea share-bare but to list Dating Don'ts based on my 15 years of dating experiences.  Awesomeness, right?  Well, it's the least I can do for boring you these past months.  Again, I'm sorry.  I hope you still love me...

  • ...ever go to a Dude's house for the 1st date.  No exceptions.  I don't care if he says he's going to cook you dinner.  Reality - He just wants you to repay him for all the hard work with a night of hot steamy meaningless sex. 
  • ...stick around for dinner if Dude cannot read the restaurant menu.  For the record, you do not pronounce 'cashew' like sha-shu!  Even worse, run away as fast as you can if he does not know what steamed rice is.  Really?!  Are you freakin' kidding me?!
  • Dude if you are in an "On and Off Again" type of relationship.  It's really not fair to the dude.  Let's not be selfish here.
  • ...go on a date with Dude that's just getting over a relationship.  It's time to call it a night if he starts asking you for advice on how to get back with his ex-girlfriend.
  • ...let Dude literally chase you for a kiss good night.  That right there is a pyscho statistic.  Keep calm.  Take the keys from valet with a quickness and burn rubber.  Don't look back! 
  • ...set a bar/lounge as a meeting place for a date with dude.  He will hold you responsible if his unattended drink is accidentally taken away by the bus boy dude.  Yes, alcoholic dude will even yell at you in front of his friends.  Save yourself the embarrassment please.  
  • ...have dude plan a 2nd date during your 1st date.  That's what you call Desperado!
  • ...let politeness stop you from deleting 'dating reject' dude from your Facebook or myspace friend list.  That just gives him the opportunity to internet stalk you.  Delete!  Block for life!
  • ...return a call from  dude that leaves you a 5 minute voice mail stating that he might be falling for you and you may be "the one" immediately after your 2nd date.  Please change your phone number if you have to.  
  • dude from a rock band unless you are all about "Groupie Love"
  • ...waste your time with dude that does not own his own vehicle.  MUNI bus rides are so not romantic!
  • ...let Dude talk about feelings.  Don't let Dude ask you what you are feeling.  Who really does that?! You are only on a date!  Have fun and don't let it get all serious. 
  • ...bother dating Dude that only wants to see you really late at night or only wants to talk to you on the phone during business hours (between 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday only).  Hint:  Dude is already in a relationship!  Don't be a Jesse James girl...aka Michele McGee
I know there's more...but I can't think right now.  I'm hungry.  Gotta eat.  BRB!

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    I'm on YouTube!

    But ummm....who isn't, right??

    Oh well.  Another 15 minutes of fame for me.  Awesome!  Check it out for yourself.  I've been working out with TFT for almost three months.  I'm 3 pounds shy of my personal goal - Lose 15 pounds by May 27th.  I'm getting there.  I don't think I'll have a problem.  I'm proud of myself which is odd because I don't normally feel this way.  Yay me.  So weird....people (co-workers, girlfriends, family, fellow TFT clients) have approached me lately with compliments.  Awe.  So nice of them to share such kind words.  They noticed that I've lost alot of weight especially on my face.  Wait!  My face got skinny?!  LOL.  Hilarious.  I guess.....  Double yay!  I mean, 12 pounds is really nothing compared to The Biggest Loser but I'll take it.  I'm not trying to look all anorexic-like, anyways.  Hard work is really paying off for me.  My calculated BMI (Body Mass Index) is finally in normal weight range.  It's been a few years since that happened.  Whew!  Sigh of relief....

    I'm truly loving life. 

    Anyway, I have more good news.  I've finally convinced a couple of my girlfriends  (who are also training for the SF Marathon with me) to train with TFT, too.  I'm so happy!  They'll be training with Gary and Eric next Monday to get a feel of how it's like at the TFT facility.  I think they will like LOVE it because they want results and I'm proof that you will MOST DEFINITELY get the results you want.  As long as you stay committed to exercise and good eating, you will get there!!  

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Angel Island Segway Tour

    This wasn't on my Tabo list but it should've been.  It was so fun.  So, last weekend I went out on a second date with NuBoo to Angel Island.  This time I called the shots so I decided to surprise him with a fun day trip. It was both our first time setting foot on the island, as well as, our first time riding a Segway.  Again, it was so fun!  I had a blast!  Our tour guide, Freeda a.k.a Heidi was the best ever.  We were only ones during her 12:30 p.m. session so it felt really private.  I loved it!  The views were spectacular.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to tour the Immigration station as it was closed for the 100th anniversary celebration.  I guess there's my excuse to go for a second time, right?  Right!  For those that haven't tried it, it's a must on your to-do list.  It's really a trip how they work.  It functions with your balance and weight gravitation!  It's an incredible piece of device.  I want one now!  In the beginning, I felt like a total dork.  You have to wear a helmet.  So not cute.  When I first stepped onto my assigned Segway, I seriously felt like Paul Blart:  Mall Cop.  Awkward feeling.  After a while, I got over looking ridiculous with a quickness and just rode away!  We rode uphill and downhill around the entire island.  It was about 6 miles of greatness.  It was awesome.  My best experience so far this year!  Good times!

    {The Best 2nd Date Ever}
    {The Perfect Day to Fall in Love.....*sigh*}

    Dream a Little Dream of Me

    Good News - my little sissy, Ryree is moving today!!!  Her first apartment.  Her first time without Madre dearest.  Her first time having utility and cable bills under her name.  Her first time renting a U-Haul truck.  Her first time living on her own! She's all grown up! Awe...

    Bad News - As my sissy greeted with her version of a good morning via Blackberry Messenger - "I'm movinggggggg", she also says randomly "U can't drive today"...ummm WTF?

    Ryree:  Mom said
    share-bare:  Y?
    Ryree:  Cuz she had a dream bout u getting in an accident.  So she said u can't drive today.
    share-bare:  Me?!
    Ryree:  Yea
    share-bare:  She serious?  I have to workout.
    Ryree:  Yea she's serious
    share-bare:  Grreat
    Ryree:  Go call her
    share-bare:  No!!  So she can explain how I died?!  I don't think so.  LOL!
    Aren't dreams meant to carry out good intentions?  Who knows.  One thing I know for sure is that my family is a bit superstitious at times.  This whole Madre dreaming of me kind of freaks me out at the same time though.  Why me?  Anyway, just to play it safe, I guess I have to keep my vehicle parked in the carport today.  All day long.  Ugh.  What to do?  What to do?  Oh yeah....that's right.  Help my sister move today.  

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Month Dalawa

    It's been 2 months since I've started with TFT.  Here's my Dalawa (Tagalog to English translation: two) Month Anniversary workout routine:
    • 150 pound sand bag drag 10 times
    • 100 squats with a 35 pound kettlebell
    • 150 bicep curls with a resistance band
    • 200 sit-ups
    • 100 push-ups
    All done within 32 minutes.  I was originally aiming for 30 minutes flat but what's an extra two.  I did it!  Finisher was the tire battle with our 600 pound friend.  

    Happy Dalawa Month Anniversary to me!  

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    1st Date of 2010

    This year has been great so far....

    I finally went on a date for the first time this year.   It was last night to be exact. Yay me!  I'm usually a tell all person when it comes to my dating experiences.  Maybe because they usually end up a "fail".   And maybe because more than half of my dating experiences have been die hard hilarious and awful!   Let's just say my non-single girlfriends live their single life vicariously through me.  And if I don't have any good entertainment to share, they are let down.  BUT this time - I'm gonna work it a little differently.  Obviously, because the date went extremely well.  I had nothing to pick out wrong about the dude (which I've certainly been guilty of in the past without any doubt).  I had no time to even bother.  Why ruin a completely good night?  I was enjoying the moment.  I just had a really great time. =)

    1st Date of 2010 = No Fail + All Smiles

    The only thing I regret is oversleeping the next morning and missing out on my TFT Saturday workout.  Sorry Gary and Eric!   I promise to do cardio tonight! 

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke

    It was a Monday evening.  I rushed my way to the TFT facility for the 6:00pm workout.  I didn't have time to have a pre-workout snack/meal.  Oh well.  I'll be fine.  Workout was great.  We had a surprise finisher - what's new.  Basically, we had to push this 45 pound barbell weight with a 30 pound sand bag on top of it (which is by the way laying flat on a carpeted floor = a lot of friction) back and forth across the room. Just imagine yourself in a mountain climber position while pushing.  The workout totally works out your quads since you have to rely on your legs to make the weights move.  Anyway, Sheryl, April, and I continued to do this relay-style for seven minutes non-stop.  I felt fine.  Approximately, seven minutes after our work out....not so much.  

    I was ready to leave the facility.  I got into my car, took a big gulp of water, waved bye to the girls, and then paused for a second.  My mouth started to water.  Uh oh.  I drank another sip of water.  Uh oh.  It's time.  I got out of my car and ran to the restroom hoping that it was still unlocked.  Yes!  It was!  Ran directly to the toilet and then....yakked!  Ugh.

    Well, there you go.  I did it.  I finally get to cross out an item off my list.  Accomplished. Yay!

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Mother Flippin' Goddess You!!

    I'm talking to myself.  You like that?  Ha-ha!

    I ain't one to brag, but I'm damn proud right now.  I'm a Freakin' Mother TIRE Flippin' Goddess!  250 pounds to be exact!  This morning with TFT was my first time doing tire flips.  That huge piece of rubber intimated me from the get go.  It would always stare at me during the evening workouts at the new gym location.  Finally....I got to give it what I got and I DID IT!  I thought I needed Gary to spot me.  I waved him off and said, "Nope!  I can handle it from here.  Thanks anyways."  OK, not really.  I didn't say that.  But he stood beside me in case I needed the extra help.  It wasn't necessary.  I was pretty darn impressed with myself.  Hence, the my new temporary title of the day:  Introducing, share-bare a.k.a. "Tire Flippin' Goddess"  TFG baby, TFG!  You like that?  Ha-ha!  I do!!

    So, you wonder how I did it?  I have no idea.  I was probably envisioning my dream to have a 250 lb linebacker physique type of boyfriend at the time.  6 feet tall and a few inches.  Topless with gym shorts.  Nice arms.  Nice ass.  Nice thighs.  Nice calves.  Hairy chest is optional.  Tweezed eyebrows a definite no no.  Tan is not necessary.  But, as I approached and stared down the big 250 pounder,  it all changed.  I began to realize the linebacker boyfriend I envisioned was a big time snorer!  Every time he stayed the night, he'd keep me awake with that loud ass snore.  I couldn't sleep.  I had no choice.  The only best thing to do was roll his ass off the bed.  That I did.  Over and over again.  20 times to be exact.  Take that, take that, TAKE that!  After the 20th time, I called it quits and broke up with him.  He cried.  Who wouldn't though, right?!  Ha-ha!  You like that analogy?  I'm a dork.  But the fact of the matter is that I'm a TFG.  Tire Flippin' Goddess!  All day (today) baby!  All day!

    Be VERY afraid.  Nah.  I'm just kidding.  *smiles*

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    LAST Fieldtrip

    Earlier today, I volunteered as a chaperone at my son's 5th grade field trip.  Destination - San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall for the San Francisco Symphony.

    I was really looking forward to this day.  I usually try to volunteer at my son's school at least twice a year.  And, well, with this being the last year of grade school, I wanted to cherish my final moments as a chaperone.

    Eli and I both arrived at his school a little before 8:00 am.  As soon as he stepped into the classroom....he ignored me.  I decided to keep my space and wait outside with another fellow parent (chaperone) to give him some space.  One thing I noticed for about 6 years of chaperoning when meeting other parents was that the introduction at the school campus goes a little like this:  "Hi I'm [insert daughter's or son's name here] parent"  Don't bother even saying the name given to you at birth.  Because, really, no one cares.  It's not important.  Guess that's basic school volunteer etiquette. 

    The 78 passenger yellow school bus arrives.  I stand next to Eli hoping that I can sit with him.  He ignores me again.  I end up sitting next to Mary Anne's mother in the freakin' front of the bus right behind the bus driver.  It wasn't my choice but she was the only one willingly to sit beside me.  Even I know, that's the suckiest place to sit.  Behind the bus driver?!  Really?!  You might as well put me in some metal braces and a head gear! Total loser status.  I should know.  I was a kid once in my life.  Behind me was Grant's father.  Yeah, so don't know his real name either.  He must be a regular school volunteer because all the kids talked to him.  I wanted to be Grant's father.  Can I be a cool parent today?  Nope.  Why?  Because I'm sitting in the front of the bus.  *sigh* So during the entire trip, I kept looking back at Eli to make sure he was doing OK.  That's pretty much all I can do at that point.  Boo...

    Inside of Davies Symphony Hall

    We finally arrive at San Francisco.  We form a single line as soon as we get out of the bus.  I catch Eli with his friend Ariel.  I'm like yay!  We'll get to sit next to each other during the performance.  I ask my son politely if I can sit next to him.  He doesn't answer.  I ask again.  He tunes me out.  Ugh!  I then tugged on his sweater vest.  "I'm going to sit with you, OK?", with a firm voice.  He gives me that look. Nothing comes out of his damn mouth.  Minutes later, he says, "Can you sit next to Ariel?"  I'm like WTF!  "Uh NO!", I say.  "I'm your mom!"  Guess that doesn't matter for a fifth grader.  I finally gave him his way so that he may continue to be the cool dude.  I'm hurt by now.  I ended up sitting next to Felix NOT Ariel.  Felix didn't seem that excited about sitting beside me.  Neither was little Chinese dude to my left.  I felt so unwanted by then.  At least, I forced him into taking one picture with his friends.   He so didn't want me to, but as soon as Ariel agreed, Eli went along with it.  Aww...look what my camera phone captured?  Eli's first smile of the day during my presence. 

    From left to right - Ariel, Eli, Felix

    Throughout the performance, I was totally in a daze.  I was day dreaming and reminiscing about the good old days.  I remember when he was in Kindergarten, he'd always want to hold my hand.  After around the 3rd grade, holding hands was out of the question.  But he still would want to make sure I sat with him during the bus rides.  4th grade, he still wanted me around.  Around to lug all his brown bag lunch and jacket.  Now, he didn't even want me to be there!  I had to stay at least 6 feet away.  Like hold up right quick!  All of a sudden, he has a restraining order against his mother?!  The one who gave birth to him?!  It was more bitter than sweet.  I was hurt.  My baby is growing up.  He no longer is dependent on me.  Can I go home now?  Somebody please pick me up for the Davies Symphony Hall and bring me to work.  Somewhere, I know I am wanted.

    Once the performance ended, we headed back to the school bus.  I paid no attention to Eli.  He paid no attention to me.  I did my own thing.  He did his.  We returned back to school and as soon as we got out of the bus, Eli finally noticed me.  Yay!!  "Mommy, you can go now..."  No yay. 

    Anyway, a heads up for all you future chaperones or parents of younger children.  Cherish your moments while they are young.  Don't!  I repeat don't bother going to a field trip once they hit 5th grade.  The only exception is if they ask BEG you to.  I don't want you to go through what I've just been through today - Unloved.  *sad face*  

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Twinks Time in 30

    I'm pretty excited to work with Twinks soon.....I can't wait to see her work as I'm a HUGE FAN of gfm:photography.  Like, if I get married, I'd so want her to do my wedding but that probably wouldn't go too well if she is my future bridesmaid.  It might be a tad bit overwhelming for her =)  I already hired her to do my engagement photos.  Date is yet to be determined.  You guys will be the first to know.  Hehe.  Because, I really do think that far in advance sometimes....RIDICULOUSLY FAR! 

    Above were a few examples from my prior photo shoots from three different photographers.   The MV (Michael Vincent) ones crack me up!   Talk about porn star status.  Don't bother googling me, though OK?  If you do...heads up.  I'm so not the sex scandal chick from Davao!  Believe me damnit!!!  And NO, I ain't a wannabe model and crap.  I'm not some vain, conceited chick, either.  If you wish to think that of me, then  you can feel free to stop reading my blog.   Have a nice life!  Just call me a chameleon because in reality, I don't have the talent and/or desperation to be a famous or annoying celebrity.  Although, nowadays it doesn't take much to be one     "Aah.....AAH SNOOKI!"    "gesunheit"    
    By the way- were you just singing the song, "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club just now? Or was it just me?  Ha-ha!  Moving on...
    I think I'm content with being an Accountant by day and Mommy by night.  This stuff is just for fun.  Forty to fifty years from now, I want to show my grand kids how cool their Mama was back in the day.  They'll be like, "That's you, Mama?!"  And then, I'll go, "Yes... yes indeed... that's me, my dears..." *in an old wrinkly lady voice* LOL!  Yeah, I'm a dork.

    Back to gfm:photography!  If any of you readers have any ideas?  Let me know.  I'm open to anything, obviously....I mean, can't you tell?!

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010


    I had this in my drafts for a while and totally forgot to post it.  Let's do a little redo, shall we?

    Anyhow, my very good friend, Ginger a.k.a. "Twinks" is now official!  Her photography business that is.  Now open for business peoples!!! She even launched her cool website.  It's been up for some time now.  My apologies for the delay.  Check out the link:  gfm photography

    In exactly 31 days I will have to honor to work with her.  Exciting!  31 days to slim down a little more, too.  31 days to find ideas, as well.  I usually like to step outside my element so I guess we'll just have to see.... =)

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Note to Self

    Do NOT wait 6 days or more to resume your workout routine
    Do NOT skip any workouts or else you'll pay big time
    Do NOT get lightheaded during a workout.  Fight your body!
    Do NOT take unnecessary breaks.  Your break is when you sleep.
    Do NOT puke....yet.  (Your body is NOT ready at this time)
    Do NOT stop doing what you need to do.  Procrastination or long pauses do not exist in my book!
    Do NOT be lazy.  Get yo ass up!
    Do NOT be afraid.  It's not a horror flick!
    Do NOT let the rain stop you.  It's better than getting a heat stroke!
    Do NOT get shin splints.  I don't want to buy ANOTHER pair of running shoes.  Ugh!
    Do NOT be late.  It's just disrespectful. 
    Do NOT avoid abdominal exercises.  Think Rock Hard Abs!
    Do NOT half ass anything.  If so, just go home.  You're wasting my time.
    Do NOT lose hope.  You will get there!
    Do NOT be ashamed of sweating profusely.  Just remember to bring a towel next time, OK?
    Do NOT forget to stretch.  It will avoid injuries and warm your body up for the REAL work out.
    Do NOT forget to eat within an hour after a workout.  You need the protein!
    Do NOT eat carbs after 6pm or else your muffin top will grow
    Do NOT complain or whine.  Just smile and shut the f@#$ up!
    Do NOT avoid the veggies.  They are good for you.
    Do NOT say, "I can't" because I know you can do it!
    Do NOT think negatively.  Be in The Secret state of mind
    Do NOT make any excuses or else I'll be disappointed in you
    Do NOT be weak, be STRONG baby!

    Is it me or does saying the phrase 'Do NOT' to yourself repetitively starting to sound weird?  It's making me question my grammar for some odd reason.  Eh.  Whatevs.  Thanks TFT for the good workout this evening after my week long break.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Romantically Challenged

    You know....I used to think I was romantically challenged.  Come to think of it, I had it all wrong.  I can be a die hard romantic.  The problem is that I just haven't had the opportunity to romance someone lately and that's the plain and ugly truth!  And who says that men have to do all the romancing.  I, for one, believe that women can do just a good of a job.  I'm sure I can save a few boys out there from thinking of ways to .

    So, yeah...I'm not romantically challenged.  I'm more like PDA challenged.  I'm a private person when it comes to expressing my feelings towards someone.  But, if I'm definitely shows. 

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Washington Redskins?!

    REALLY!?  Are you serious?

    I'm dumbfounded right now.  This is shocking news.  Confirmed.  My man, Donovan McNabb was traded to the Redskins today.  It must be awesome news for Kevin Kolb now that he's the starting Quarterback (I think). I don't get it though. The Washington Redskins are the Philadelphia Eagles' rivals!  This will be a very very interesting football season.  I wonder how fans will react when Donovan McNabb goes up against the Eagles this Fall. Also, I wonder what's going to happen to QB Jason Campbell.

    One thing that immediately came to mind was:  I don't look good in RED, White, or even yellow!!  I don't know what to do.  Even though there were several rumors about him leaving, I didn't want to believe it.  I was in denial for a bit.  Honestly, I thought he'd stick with the green until it was time to retire.  I slowly started to prepare for the worst.  If it was the case that he was leaving, I was seriously praying for the  Oakland Raiders to at least get him.  It turns out McNabb did not want to go there.  Gosh Darnit!  So wrong!  Buffalo Bills were also not in the cards.  It would have been super  duper convenient for me if he was traded to the Raiders considering he would reside in the Bay Area for a while.  To think....I was even considering getting Raiders season tickets for this coming NFL Season.  Kiss that good-bye share-bare!  I mean...Donovan McNabb was the primary reason why I became such a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.  This is not good.  First, was Brian Dawkins going to the Denver Broncos.  Then, Brian Westbrook  gets released with an unknown future within the NFL.  Now, Donovan McNabb says good-bye. It's too much for me to handle right now.  I'm torn.  Completely torn.  What team am I going to root for later this year?!  Stressed OUT!   I want to cry.  Should I?  I haven't felt this way since the Eagles lost the NFC Championship game for the  4th time against the Arizona Cardinals.  But the feeling that I'm feeling right now is not as bad as I felt when they lost the Super Bowl in 2005 against the freakin' New England Patriots (I still hate them with a passion).  I mean I can't be mad about that.  They made it to the Super Bowl!!  That's all that mattered.  I still hate Tom Brady though.  

    So...does all this spell disaster for the Eagles this year?