My original purpose of this blog was to keep track of all of my "Things To Do" before my life expires. You know... stuff to do before you kick the bucket. Well people - here's my Bucket List or shall I say "Tabo" List. You only live once, so don't think twice. In addition to my "Tabo" List, you'll find me sharing how it's like to live the life of the wonderful share-bare. Happy Reading! ENJOY!

(inspired by the 2007 movie, The Bucket List )

1.) Pet a Tiger Cub
2.) Hold and Wrap a Snake Around Me
3.) Raise Money for a Good Cause

4.) Run a Half Marathon
5.) Run a Full Marathon

6.) Attend an Oprah Winfrey Show

7.) Meet Drew Barrymore in Person

8.) Go Dog Sledding in the Colorado Mountains
9.) Get Rock Hard Abs

10.) Write My Own Book and/or Sitcom

11.) Be in a Professional Photo Shoot
12.) Compete in a Bus Surfing Contest
13.) Step Inside of Grand Central Station in New York
14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot
15.) Adopt a dog named him Chaw-Lee <--I mean, Bam

16.) Learn to Swim so I Can be a Surfer Chick

17.) Enjoy a Special Brownie

18.) Hale Down a Yellow Cab
19.) Lie in a Hammock with Someone Special
20.) Apply for a Library Card
21.) Get a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
22.) Get Kissed by a Hottie on New Year's (Strike of Midnight)

23.) Learn to be a Voice Over Artist
24.) Attend a Superbowl Game
25.) Sing the Song 'Killing Me Softly' at a Karaoke Bar
26.) Go Skinny Dipping

27.) Be on T.V.

28.) Go White Water Rafting in the American River
29.) Run up the "Rocky Steps" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
30.) Marry Mr. Right

31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke
32.) Go Stand Up Paddle Surfing (or Hoe he'e nalu) somewhere tropical

Friday, April 2, 2010

Part Time Lover

I'm enjoying a pleasant conversation with a dude at a Chinese restaurant.

Reality - OK...maybe not a conversation.  It was more like placing my take out order for salt and pepper fish with hot and sour soup via telephone.  It's Good Friday and I don't know how to cook seafood or fish! 

On my way to pick up my dinner, I drive by a hot police officer who smiles at me.  Could this be real?  An attractive police officer in the small town I live in?!  Shocking!

Reality - OK, OK..maybe he wasn't exactly smiling directly at me.  Maybe he wasn't smiling period!  It was more like he took a quick glance at me because I may have been driving a tad bit over the speed limit until we made eye contact.  But to my luck, he couldn't do anything about it at that point because he had already pulled some random person over.  Thank you random person!

I don't know what's more pathetic:  1.)  Making no plans on a Friday night or 2.)  Planning a Miranda  Hobbes (from Sex and The City) type night consisting of lonesome self, Chinese take out food, my cat dog, and my DVR.

Reality - OK, OK, OK...Miranda didn't have DVR back in those days but who's keeping track here?!

Keep in my mind that I have no child obligations whereas my son is spending the weekend with his dad.  Is there a slight possibility that there is such a thing as a Part Time Lover?

Reality - OK, OK, OK, OK...maybe the term 'lover' seems a bit overboard.  I'm not looking for a booty call.  Let me rename it to Part Time Snuggle Buddy.  Only required once a month to keep me 1.) sane until I actually want to go out on Friday nights; 2.) away from a pathetic Miranda type single life until a BF potential arrives at my door;  and 3.) warm preferably until late Spring - early Summer.  The earliest of the two to reach consistent 70+ degree weather since I don't like operating the thermostat in my apartment.  It sickens me to even imagine how much dust accumulates in these decade old vents AND it's a waste of money.  We're still in recession here peoples!

I love to snuggle with the opposite sex - REALITY!

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