My original purpose of this blog was to keep track of all of my "Things To Do" before my life expires. You know... stuff to do before you kick the bucket. Well people - here's my Bucket List or shall I say "Tabo" List. You only live once, so don't think twice. In addition to my "Tabo" List, you'll find me sharing how it's like to live the life of the wonderful share-bare. Happy Reading! ENJOY!

(inspired by the 2007 movie, The Bucket List )

1.) Pet a Tiger Cub
2.) Hold and Wrap a Snake Around Me
3.) Raise Money for a Good Cause

4.) Run a Half Marathon
5.) Run a Full Marathon

6.) Attend an Oprah Winfrey Show

7.) Meet Drew Barrymore in Person

8.) Go Dog Sledding in the Colorado Mountains
9.) Get Rock Hard Abs

10.) Write My Own Book and/or Sitcom

11.) Be in a Professional Photo Shoot
12.) Compete in a Bus Surfing Contest
13.) Step Inside of Grand Central Station in New York
14.) Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by Foot
15.) Adopt a dog named him Chaw-Lee <--I mean, Bam

16.) Learn to Swim so I Can be a Surfer Chick

17.) Enjoy a Special Brownie

18.) Hale Down a Yellow Cab
19.) Lie in a Hammock with Someone Special
20.) Apply for a Library Card
21.) Get a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
22.) Get Kissed by a Hottie on New Year's (Strike of Midnight)

23.) Learn to be a Voice Over Artist
24.) Attend a Superbowl Game
25.) Sing the Song 'Killing Me Softly' at a Karaoke Bar
26.) Go Skinny Dipping

27.) Be on T.V.

28.) Go White Water Rafting in the American River
29.) Run up the "Rocky Steps" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
30.) Marry Mr. Right

31.) Work Out So Hard That I Puke
32.) Go Stand Up Paddle Surfing (or Hoe he'e nalu) somewhere tropical

Monday, November 10, 2008


Before I got to work today, I decided to stop for a double tall pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. As usual, the line was long. Dreadful Mondays lead to a packed Starbucks cafe full of random people in need of a caffeine fix to get their morning started. So the chick before me ordered a decaf nonfat mocha. I probably had my full animated face on and had a shocking stare screaming, Why?! inside my head. Like really, what's the point. Chick might as well have just ordered a kids cocoa! Its such a pet peeve of mine. Just as someone who would order an Extra Value meal from McD's and then order a Diet Coke to go along with it! Do you honestly think that getting a Diet Coke will make you less guilty of committing a junk food sin!? I seriously wanted to tell the chick unless you are ordering a caffeine beverage, please stop going to Starbucks! Really...especially on a busy rush hour Monday morning. There are far more people who are in need of caffeine in order to get through their work day. Obviously, you aren't suffering from that kind of problem. You must be one of those rare working individuals that love their career. Just do us all a favor and just skip Starbucks on your way to work. It's really not necessary for you until you decide to finally upgrade your drink of choice to an actual coffee or espresso drink. So, I'm patiently waiting for my name to be called. I remember to grab a straw and just stare aimlessly into nothing. But, the fact that the chick ordered a decaf drink became extremely bothersome. I then start questioning myself while staring at a bag of coffee beans
How the hell do you decaffeinate a coffee bean?!
Have you ever thought of that? Don't all coffee beans contain some sort of caffeine? I don't get it. Do the coffee bean factories tear up the beans and remove the caffeine from the beans individually? Do they reconstruct the bean afterwards to make it seem like it was untouched? OR are there seeds that are specifically 'defects' and get planted elsewhere such as ummm the reject coffee bean field? What's the deal?

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